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Your Kitchen is the Home’s Hottest Real Estate

The hottest real estate turns out to be the heart of your home.


A veritable beehive of activity, from cooking to dining, from entertaining to homework, your kitchen truly is the most significant real estate in your home. It is generally the most important room, both in terms of functionality and its impact on the value of your investment. The main components of the kitchen shouldn’t be too customized and certainly not too personalized. The latest trends pay tribute to the concept of open living and larger, combined kitchen and family rooms. You can’t go wrong with a classic sophisticated design, with a mix of complementary and warm tones, much like those in the stylish space pictured above. This isn’t the time or place to copy the latest fads. Stick with the triangular placement of the sink, fridge and stove, and your kitchen will immediately feel cohesive. The focal point for most is the freestanding island. It’s where you do much of your prep work, and where your guests will gather when you are entertaining. Try differentiating the island top and cabinetry from the rest of the kitchen materials, but be sure that it continues to feel connected. This is where to try adding different hardware or other personal touches. Pick pieces that are timeless and fit your lifestyle.