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We are the Champions – Boston Sports Themed Bedrooms

We take much pride in being Boston Sports Fans, but never more than now! In the past year, we have scored ourselves yet another Super Bowl Championship (making that 6), another World Series victory (already 4 in this century) and are facing a Stanley Cup Game 7. Living in Boston is special in so many ways, but there is no denying how much this city loves its teams!

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In honor of tonight’s game, we figured it would be festive to pass along some ideas on how to decorate bedrooms in your home for your favorite team. Whether you want to just spruce up your bedding or do something as large as painting the walls, there are plenty of ideas below to spark your inner designer (and sports fanatic.)

Boston Bruins

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As we prepare for Game 7, you can also plan new decor options. This idea is simple yet fabulous. Switch out the bedding you currently have in a room with some style of a Bruins comforter. Use either basic white sheets for a cleaner look or add more festive sheets if you really want to go all out. Finish the bedding with a few throw pillows and a blanket or bean bag chair in the same theme colors and you have yourself a Bruins room!

New England Patriots

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What better way to celebrate our six time champions than decking out a spot in your home with all Patriots and football decor? The idea to mix two different wallpapers is fun and looks appealing. Add a fun rug and some football chairs and this becomes the perfect hangout area.

Boston Red Sox

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Grab a can of Benjamin Moore’s “Green Monster” paint color and head to work on your walls. We love the idea of slapping on some of this color to create the feel of Fenway Park right inside your house. Luckily for us, the Red Sox have been champions multiple times, so there are many flags that can be hung on display to add some more decoration to the walls.

Boston Celtics

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The idea of a sports bed frame is simply perfect for a young boy’s bedroom. Pick your bedding based on what colors are within the bed frame and you will have a uniformed sports bedding spread for your room. Complete the room by hanging famous players photos around with a few other basketball trinkets throughout.

New England Revolution

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How can you say no to a soccer headboard for a New England Revolution lover in your life? Putting a bed in front of a wallpaper of this sort is very unique and will fulfill all of your soccer dreams. Plan for the sheets and wall colors to match, uniforming the room. You can also hang their favorite player’s jersey on the wall or even make a throw pillow out of the fabric.

It is a phenomenal time to be a Boston Sports Fan! Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox and New England Revolution Fans; these ideas are for you and hopefully you find one that you love and can use in your home.

Lastly, as we count down the final hours until Game 7, we would like to say – GO BRUINS!! Take home the cup!

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