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Using color to help sell your home

When selling your home, choose colors that will elicit positive emotions, memories and feelings for your buyers. Sticking to warm neutrals will give a buyer a warm and homey feel.


Gray is a neutral color, but choose your shades very carefully. Warm grays create a calm and relaxed feeling – cool grays, on the other hand, will have a cool and icy effect. Gray is a great color in hallways and entryways, because most shades pair well with others.


Brown hues have a very calming affect. Lighter beige shades are quiet and calming, perfect for a living room or study. Richer tones create a sense of coziness and warmth, perfect for a bedroom or a family room where the whole family congregates.


Yellow is the color of joy and happiness. It is a popular choice for kitchens. Choose a warm buttery color that will blend into the background, as opposed to a bright bold tone, which can be off putting to some.


Green is a very soothing color. Pick a nice pale shade for a bathroom to create a luxurious and calm vibe. Darker earthy shades will create a peaceful feel for a den or library.


Stay away from very bold colors like red. They tend to make people feel unsettled and anxious. Stick with the warm neutrals and the next color you could be seeing is green!