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Unique Kitchen Backsplashes!

A Backsplash is part of your kitchen that can really pull everything together and have it looking fabulous. Like many other elements in interior design, the hot trend for backsplash is often changing. We put together some of our favorite backsplash trends that are happening now.

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Metal –

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A more contemporary look, a metal backsplash is currently a big hit! There are many different metals you can use, depending on your style and what are you are looking for. The metal used above makes the kitchen look sleek, clean and very modern. This is a fabulous option to consider when redoing your kitchen backsplash.


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A wood backsplash will look great in any kitchen. Whether you have a more rustic feel to your home or not, adding some wood will transform your kitchen. If you do not want to use real wood, you also have the opportunity to use laminate wood. This is a fabulous option if you do not want the maintenance of real wood but still want to enjoy the upscale look. The best part? It is like choosing hardwood floors in your home, you can use any color wood you desire.

Colorful Pattern

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If you are looking to add a pop of color to your kitchen, say no more. Use your kitchen backsplash as your accent color in your home. The area for backsplash is minimal compared to the rest of the space in your home, so it is the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun. Search through different colors and designs and pick out the one you will not want to stop looking at! Having a perfect backsplash could even make you fall in love with cooking.



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Not too long ago there was a large trend of adding concrete counter tops into your kitchen. Now, we are noticing how big of a trend it is to have concrete backsplash! With this easy to maintain material, you will be able to easily keep your backsplash clean every day. It is easy to match the rest of your kitchen decor to the concrete, which is an additional benefit of this design idea.



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Brick is a very charming look to add to your kitchen. It adds a very charismatic feel to your home and backsplash is a wonderful way to incorporate it. If you are not in love with the idea of red brick, you can consider whitewash. Whether you decide on the classic red or go the more modern route of whitewash, both options give your kitchen a more delightful feel.