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Things are looking up…

This new wallpaper trend is certainly one that people are jumping onboard for. Adding wallpaper to your ceilings is a fabulous way to add some color and design to a usually plain space. If wallpaper is not your typical style, you can still switch things up a bit by painting the ceiling a statement color. Both of these ideas make for a bold statement in any home.

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Black Paint –

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We love this idea, especially for a kitchen. The black paint will make the ceiling appear significantly taller, allowing for the room to open up more dramatically. This dark of a ceiling looks especially good with light colored walls to brighten up the rest of the space. For example, if you are dreaming of a white kitchen, make it a little more unique with a pop of black on the ceiling!

Continuation of the Color –

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Rather than doing your typical white ceiling paint, you can switch it up and continue with the same color that is on the wall. This creates more of a uniform look in whichever room you choose. This is the best idea for smaller rooms because the light color painted on all sides of the room make the room look more expansive. Some colors that are great to use for this are white, light blue, a light peach, light grey and others along the same pastel scheme.

Children Room Wallpaper –

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A child’s room is a place where more people will allow for their decor creativity to take over. This is an excellent space to integrate a fun wallpaper! You can let your child’s personality shine through by choosing a pattern that represents them. Ideas for this include: hearts, stars, birds, the jungle and many more. Let yourself have some fun with this room!

Pattern Wallpaper –

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If you have a small and/or dark room in your home and you are looking for a way to brighten it up, pick out your favorite, fun pattern and add it to the ceiling! Adding a bright pattern to the ceiling will take any dark and small room and completely transform it! This is a wonderful idea for  an office or a nursery!