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The Design Experts Have Spoken….And We Are Listening!!!

It’s 2019 Happy New Year! At the beginning of each year, we get really excited about the new trends and styles that are going to hit real estate and specifically design. It’s fun to ponder and make an educated guess based on the changes we see toward the end of the year. But lucky for us, we had the opportunity to chat with, okay grill, some of our favorite designers so get ready for some fabulous trends.

Towards the end of 2018, we started to see some real design changes starting with the color of the floors. We saw lighter stains, gray stains and even a more pickled look. When speaking with buyers coming through our open houses, the majority wanted lighter floors. Leave a comment below the post, we would love to know your thoughts. What color would you stain your floors?

Let’s turn this post over to the experts. These talented designers are located in our area (how lucky are we!!) and can take any living space and transform it into an area you will love to call home.


Because trends within interior design change every year, we have talked with some of the most well know / our favorite designers in our area and asked their input on the upcoming trends for the new year.

Nicole Hirsch Interiors:

Here are some thoughts from the chic, fashion-forward Nicole Hirsch of Nicole Hirsch Interiors.

Modern Florals:

You can never go wrong with adding florals to a space in your home. Whether it be in pillows, drapes or wallpapers, this design will help spice up any living area, in an elegant way. If you want a bold wallpaper, a flower decor is an excellent option, especially in a powder room. The small space will absorb this decor choice.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Floral decor can also be added in the dining room. If you add a lighter colored design to the ceiling, it will not only keep the room bright but also add a unique design to your area. This pattern will also make any other accents pop in that room. Whether it be your dining table and chairs or the art on the wall, this will play pleasantly with anything.

Mixed Metals:

Although it used to not be that common of a choice, now mixing metals is a popular decor option.

Designer Nicole Hirsch said, “If I only had a dollar for every time a client asked me if they could mix metals… so many are unclear on the guidelines about mixing different finishes. What used to be a no, is now a HUGE, resounding YES!”

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Bring two different metals together by adding nickel faucet and a brass knob and your interior will never look better. Mixed metals can look great in any room and this will be very popular for designers in the upcoming year.

Curved Sofas:

In the new year, curved sofas are going to be a very hot trend. The sofa, of course looks appealing, but it also has another benefit: it saves space in the room.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Nicole said, “These sofas not only help save a bit of space within the layout of a room because of their curved ends, but they also look gorgeous floating in the middle of a space with a round coffee table. Previously only available through ultra high-end designers like Vladimir Kagan and Holly Hunt, now retailers like Mitchell Gold and Bernhardt have beautiful pieces in this shape.”

Stanton Schwartz Design

Here are some exciting trends from the cool, trendsetting Jessica Schwartz from Stanton Schwartz Design.

Bold Colors and Rich Fabrics:

During previous years, people have steered away from bold colors in their living space. This year, that is a different story.

“For many years, we have seen interiors with lines so clean that they almost looked cold and impersonal. But slowly, the introduction of bold color and rich fabrics has once again begun to be expressed within a room, where minimalism and boho once ruled. This year, in 2019, this will surely be one of the biggest interior trends. Glamour and luxury are making their way back into mainstream design and I couldn’t be happier about it” Jessica told us.

Jessica also gave us some tips on how to start incorporating this new trend into your home for 2019:

1. Find a shade that allows your eye to move from one item in the room to the next, while remembering symmetry.

Photo Credit: Emily Henderson

2. Fight back against the idea that there has to be a harsh line between art and furniture. If you add surprising pieces into a room, it can make more of a statement.

Photo Credit: Rosie Case

3. Choose wallpaper as the wow factor in any room. If you do choose to add wallpaper, you can use that as your advantage and keep the rest of the room neutral.

Photo Credit: Rosie Case

4. Add in rich fabrics or patterns – whether it be in a big or small way. You can choose to do this with a room covered in a patterned wallpaper or just add a bright bedding option, both will work.

Photo Credit: Origin Magazine

5. Collect art and create a collection of it, regardless of the style. Jessica said that if you love the art and add it to your home, someone else will also respect it.

Photo Credit:

Thank you to Nicole and Jessica for sharing their expertise and making sure we are always in the know! You had us at Before and After! Be the first on your block to be ahead of the trends and be sure to follow these talented designers on Instagram @nicole.hirsch.interiors and @stanton_schwartz. Keep an eye out for next week’s post for more tips on new trends for this year.