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Are you Super Bowl Ready?

It’s Pats vs. Eagles!! You know that Pink will sing the National Anthem and that Justin Timberlake will headline the halftime show.   You know that it’ll all happen on Sunday, February 4th and that life as we know it will pause for somewhere between 3 and 4 hours. But, are you really ready? Where will you be watching, and how prepared is your venue? Here are some tips so that you’ll be game ready when the puck drops! Oops, or is it a coin flip?


Family Room

When planning a Super Bowl party, the room you’ll absolutely want to prepare is your family room. First and foremost, make sure your TV and surround sound are fine tuned for the big game.

Next, take inventory of your seating options. If your couch and loveseat aren’t enough, consider bringing in additional chairs so that everyone has a comfortable view. Not enough room for more chairs? Bring in some ottomans and plush pillows for easy seating.

Man Cave

Super bowls aren’t just for grown ups. If you plan to have children at your gathering, consider converting your man cave into the perfect kid-friendly space.

Since the adults will want to focus on the game, make sure to provide plenty of drinks and activities to keep the kids well fed and entertained. Round up some toys, games and a table and chairs from your children’s playroom, and the kids will entertain themselves (at least for most of the game).

Home Theater

Despite all your best planning, some guests will inevitably drift and mingle elsewhere.  If you’re lucky enough to have a home theatre, make that a second venue – a quieter and more private room for those who want to focus on every play, without the distractions of kids or non football conversation.  Try popcorn and boxed candies, to help those guests feel the true “theatre” experience!  For heartier appetites, remember to provide foods that are easy to consume in dark places.

Outdoor TV

While most Super Bowl parties are kept indoors, on account of the chilly February weather, outdoor TV’s are quickly becoming commonplace. To keep your guests cozy, have extra blankets, quilts and plenty of firewood on hand.  Of course, have the grill primed and ready to go!

You can never lose with outdoor staples like hamburgers and hot dogs, but try getting a bit more creative with wings, ribs and steaks!


A Super Bowl party isn’t complete without tons of delicious food.  Make your kitchen the center of the action by also tuning that TV to the game and providing lots of great choices that can be enjoyed right there, without missing any of the action!

While there are some usual staples, like nachos and BBQ, try setting up a pizza bar for your guests to make personal pizzas. Make it even more memorable by offering only beers from Boston and Philadelphia!

At a friend’s home

Attending a Super Bowl party at a friend’s home calls for a little creativity as well.  Never show up empty handed!   Of course, you can always ask your host what to bring but, first, try to come up with a great idea on your own – have some commemorative tee shirts printed up for the kids or fall back on the suggestion above by bringing Boston and Philadelphia brews for everyone!

Of course, you can really make your host’s day, and guarantee invitations for the future, by offering to clean up after the big game.

At the Stadium

Let’s be honest, the best way to watch the game is in person at the stadium! One of the lucky people to snag Super Bowl tickets? Make sure you’re ready to host a party right in the parking lot.

The key to making a tailgate party stress free is to do the majority of your preparation at home. Preparing the perfect tailgate food is only half the battle –  make a list ahead of time so that you don’t forget any of the comforts of home.  A tailgate without a can opener is like a Super Bowl without the Patriots!