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Styling Your Bookcases

They may be called bookcases but there are so many more items to style them with rather than just well, books! Picture frames, greens, baskets, candles and objects are just a few things you can add to your favorite bookcase to make it stand out a little bit more than your average shelves. Here are some of our favorite essentials:

Picture Frames:

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Picture frames may be great for showing off memories but they are also an awesome way to decorate your bookshelves in your home. Whether it be family photos or one of your favorite quotes on display, find a frame that matches the color scheme of the room and pop it on one of the shelves. If you choose to use more than one frame, be sure to either place it on a different shelf or pick another size so they are not exactly the same dimensions next to each other. It is also beneficial to use a variety of materials for the shelves to add dimension. For example, maybe you have one wooden frame and another that is silver.

Indoor Green Plants:

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To avoid having everything on your shelves blend together, add a pop of color while still sticking with a natural look, with some indoor green succulents. Not only does this look appealing, there are also many benefits to plants inside the home. So while you are enjoying the look of your newly decorated bookcase, you can also be absorbing some of the natural perks of these plants!


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Whether you choose to have a box or a basket, this will add a different prospective next to everything else you have placed there. If you choose, you can fill the basket with some books or leave them empty for a more open look. Maybe the look of baskets is not your thing, you also have the option to add a stylish, closed box. To make it fit in a little bit more with the rest of the bookcase, add an object on top, such as a jar or a candle.


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Speaking of candles, you can never go wrong with some in your home and adding them to your bookcase is no different! You can have a candle free-standing on your shelves or add it to a stack of books. If you choose to have smaller-sized candles, grouping them together is another option.


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I know we said you can design your shelves with other objects, but we still advise popping a few books in here and there! Our favorite way to do so is to stack some books and add an object on top (like the candles we mentioned before.) You can also organize the books vertically, alternating directions with each shelf they are placed on. Then, add a bookend and it will create even more style to your shelves.

Miscellaneous Objects:

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You know those trinkets you happen to come across and love but don’t know exactly where they belong? We know the perfect spot! Ceramic animals and wooden letters are just a couple of ideas of what you can use to fill in some empty spaces on your shelves.

We love finding a good bookshelf to style and making it fit right into our home. Hopefully you find some of our tips helpful for decking out your shelves. Be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see your fresh new bookcases!