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StretchLab comes to Wellesley

The fabulous and well-known health obsession has made their way to Wellesley! StretchLab chose their new spot to live in Linden Square and is getting ready for their first day of business. Planning on a grand opening in the next month, StretchLab will open for business in early October.

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We constantly hear that those who are active, typically do not stretch nearly enough, which is what StretchLab is working to resolve. StretchLab is known to improve sports performance, increase range of motion and flexibility, reduce muscle and joint pain, improve posture, relaxation and stress relief.
The “Flexologists” (trained professionals that work with clients during their session) utilize their knowledge to helping you reach your fitness goals. When visiting the StretchLab, you will have the opportunity to work individually with the Flexologists to really target your needs for improvement. Whether it be pain, tightness or a specific spot you need the help to focus more on, StretchLab will take care of you.

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There are a few different techniques that the Flexologists use to best benefit you and your growth. Two of these methods are Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and Dynamic & Static Stretching. Depending on your needs, the Flexologists will test which method (or both) will work best.
There are a few membership options and it really comes down to what you need for your lifestyle. The length of the customized sessions includes 25 or 50 minutes. You also can decide on how many times you would like to visit a week.

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Currently, StretchLab Wellesley is giving a promotional membership rate to the first 50 people who join. This will be the lowest rate that the company will offer, so make sure to jump on it!

The Traci Shulkin Group had some fun trying out StretchLab using their complimentary session. We enjoyed a 15-minute free stretch and learned about the benefits of stretching your body consistently. Be sure to check them out soon!