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Tips For Stepping Up Your Curb Appeal

There is a reason that most people say the outside of your home has a lasting impression. When someone pulls up to your home, the first look they get is one that they typically do not forget. Check out some of the tips we have for how to spruce up the outside of your home!

Clean up your yard –

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There is nothing more appealing than the look of a freshly manicured lawn. Make sure your grass is mowed, the weeds are picked, and the flowers are planted. Maintaining your grass will make your house stand out even more, even from a far!

Add a pop of color to your door –

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With design trends constantly changing, one thing you cannot go wrong with is adding a pop of color to your door. Whether you choose to do something as simple as black or spice things up with a bright, unique color; a newly painted door will make all the difference. If you choose to do something like this, just make sure the color will stand out from the rest of your home.

Clear a pathway that stands out – 

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When designing a pathway to your front door, you can either define it with a material of your choice, flowers or even lighting. If you choose to use a specific material, consider brick or stone. These will stand out drastically from the grass in your yard. You can also pick out smaller lights that you can put in the ground or flowers that will work well to section a path.

Add new hardware –

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If the hardware on your home is outdated and seems to not stand out as much, update it with some new features. A hot trend currently is mixing metals. If you choose to have a brass door knob, use an alternate metal for your house numbers.

Welcoming door mat –

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When someone walks into your home, not only will they want to wipe their feet but maybe get a glimpse at something engaging! Currently, homeowners are loving door mats with sayings on them, even more than the typical “Welcome” message. If you want to define the odds, have some fun with it and pick out something a little spunky!

Planters –

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This may be an older tip but one that never goes out of style. There is something extremely charming about entering a home with beautiful flowers displayed in a lovely wooden box. Be sure if you decide to make this only a seasonal look in the warmer months, clean out the old flowers and weeds to keep them looking clean during the colder months.

Outdoor Furniture –

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This is an excellent option if you have a front porch. Set the scene of your home with welcoming, comfortable furniture. Choose a color scheme that flows well with your front door and metal finishes. Not only will this look attractive but it will be a great spot for you and your family to hangout!

Exterior lights –

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Your front lights are used to help you see your way through your yard during nighttime, but they actually serve another purpose style! Adding lights to the front of your home will make it look even more fabulous. You can keep it simple with two porch lights or do something a bit more modern and add a large light fixture additionally.

New House Numbers –

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Although a small feature, house numbers cause a large impact on the appearance on your home. If the numbers on the outside of your home are rusted and worn down, it will make your house look less appealing. Stick to the idea of basic, simple numbers or take a modern swing on things and switch it up.

Power wash the deck –

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Keep your deck looking brand new (or at least close enough) by power washing it in the spring. Get rid of all the wear and tear from winter and freshen it up for springtime. You will be more than pleased with the outcome of power washing your porch.

We hope that these tips help you maximize your home’s curb appeal. Decorating your home involves more than just the interior. Head outside and enjoy the spring weather, while cleaning up the outside of your home. Happy Spring!