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Staying Productive While Working From Home – Part 2

Continuing our tips for staying productive while working from home, here are a few more ideas that will help you maintain your focus.

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Take advantage of video calls –

It might begin to feel isolating to work from home for a long period of time without coworkers. If you have the opportunity, try to schedule meetings over a video call. Not only will this help with the isolation factor, it can also be more productive to talk “face to face” about a project that needs to be completed. Also, transitioning a regularly scheduled conference call to a video can be beneficial for a team to catch up and remain on the same page.

Plan for breaks / lunches –

When working from home, it is easy to bring your meal to your desk and work through your lunch, however be sure to take a break and take time to eat separate from your work environment. In addition to taking a lunch, incorporate a couple of short breaks throughout the day. Whether that be taking a few minutes to stretch or taking a brisk walk outside, be sure to include these breaks.

Limit distractions –

This is most likely the hardest part of working from home, limiting distractions for yourself. Social media, children and family, house tasks etc. can quickly navigate your attention aside from work. Following the previous other tips we mentioned can help minimize this. Also, steer clear of your favorite social websites and try to only open them only during your break time.

We hope these tips help and wishing health and safety to everyone.