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Staying Productive While Working From Home – Part 1

With the current situation that we are all experiencing, many of us are lucky to have the opportunity to work from home. Although it is something to be grateful of, it can be tricky to keep your productivity high. During this unique situation, there are not many other options in regards to where you can set up shop for the day, so it is important to make the best of what you have. We have laid out some tips on the most effective ways to stay on your A game while out of the office.

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Designated location –

Although it might seem like the most comfortable option, working from your couch or bed can actually lead to less productivity. Make a spot in your home that is designated to your career for the time being. If you have an at home office, that is a great location to hunker down. However, if you do not, there are many other options. Whether you set up at the kitchen counter or dining room table, or maybe you set up a side table as your temporary desk – these locations will help boost your concentration. Be sure to make sure you have all of the tools you need – computer charger, pens, a notebook and anything else you might find yourself searching for throughout the day.


Continue your commute –

As previously mentioned above, waking up and beginning your work day in bed is not the ideal situation (even if it seems to be). Wake up, make your coffee and then head to your designated work space. With that being said, make sure to stick with a routine as you would if you were traveling to an office. For example, if you typically exercise in the morning, continue that at home so that you do not lose your daily routine you have taken time to create.  The more you minimize the feeling of being trapped in your home, the more productivity will rise.


Make a plan –

Schedule out your day by making a list of all tasks you need to complete. The most effective way of achieving this is to categorize the tasks in terms of priority. Create three levels – top priority, mediocre and not time sensitive. It can feel overwhelming to create a strategy to accomplish everything, so this is a tip to help you break it down and complete as many tasks as possible.