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Shout Out to Lux Nails & Spa – Wellesley MA

A few days ago, I had an hour to kill between showings and decided to walk on down to the new Lux Nails & Spa in Wellesley Center (555 Washington Street). Immediately upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised in that the salon had a unique set up. The tables were not set up in the usual “hangman” formation giving it a totally different feel than what I was used to. If you like going with your girlfriends to get your manicures than this is your place as you can sit right next to each other. The circular arrangement is tremendous. You can talk to each other (if that is what you desire) without hurting your neck.

No Spa Prices Here

The salon has a spa-like bar feel… in fact I was all ready to order a smoothie or a dirty martini! Now of course, we all know that Wellesley is a dry town, but a girl can dream, right? Upon walking in you are offered coffee, tea, or water. I am so used to the “pick your color then have a seat” start to the experience that this was a very welcome departure from the norm. It is at this point I realized that this will be more of an “experience” rather than being next in line at the deli counter. I know what you are thinking… “this sounds like a spa, so it must cost an arm and a leg!” Fortunately, this isn’t the case at all. The owner, Khiem Nguyen, explained to me that the goal is to deliver high quality experiences for all of their customers at a price less than a full-blown spa (but admittedly a bit more than your “run of the mill” nail salon). At the end of my manicure, I was surprised when I received a shoulder massage. I could have literally laid my head down and taken a nap. Pure joy! Lux Nails & Spa embodies a fun, fresh environment that focuses on having the customer walk out happy and already planning a return visit.

Deals at Lux Nails & Spa

The company has some offers going on that might interest you. First, there is an introductory rate of $25 for a mani/pedi in effect as long as it is your first visit to the salon. In addition, they offer student and faculty rates for  all the schools located in Wellesley. For all customers, the salon gives you a point for every dollar spent at the salon and when you reach 250 points, you get $10 off your next service. It seems that Lux Nails & Spa is  finding new ways to create brand or in this case company loyalty.

Gel Nails

Another tidbit… I tried the gel nails for the first time. After many years of chipping a nail the day after I had them done, the idea of no chips for two weeks seemed awfully appealing. I gave it a try and appreciated that I could stick my hands in my pocket to grab my keys immediately after the manicure was done. No longer did I have to hold my hands in a weird position and not touch anything for an hour. So far so good! I am a fan. I heard the removal could be a bit tricky, so I will keep you posted. If you have a chance to visit Lux Nails & Spa, let me know how your experience goes. Hope it’s as good as mine was.