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Setting the Thanksgiving Table

The holiday season can feel like a whirlwind, and it all starts with the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Forget the rules about polishing silver and setting place cards – the key to a perfect Thanksgiving is setting a table that reflects your unique style.

Whether you’re feeding an army or hosting dinner on a smaller scale, these five table settings will help you create a warm, inviting gathering.

1. Modern

Celebrating traditions doesn’t have to mean using stale, outdated touches. Layer glamorous finishes, like metallic and rose gold, with more natural elements for an updated twist. Low centerpieces of dark flowers and greenery add an elegant touch, without blocking your guests from conversation.

2. Rustic

Take a cue from Mother Nature by adding greenery, nuts and fresh flowers to your table.  Crisp linen napkins, candles and earth toned dishes play up the rustic theme. For an added touch, wrap individual baguettes with twine and rosemary to really wow your guests.

3. Eclectic

If you’re a host who draws decorating inspiration from a lot of different places, bring your unique perspective to your table setting. Add a printed tablecloth, choosing the colors and textures that appeal to you. Antique shops and local markets are also the perfect place to find unique table touches.

4. Traditional

You can never go wrong with a classic Thanksgiving spread. Forget expensive floral arrangements or silver serving trays – opt for the setting that reflects your family’s preferred aesthetic. Incorporate your inexpensive glassware with the serving set you received from your mother. You can create a table setting that is entirely your own, but also reflects your most beloved traditions.

5. Kids

Even the littlest Thanksgiving guests can have an inviting, comfortable place to enjoy their turkey. Cover their table with butcher paper and draw a square where each placemat should go. Provide crayons or colored pencils to keep the children entertained, so the adults can take their time eating and chatting.