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Railing Inspirations!

When it comes to designing a home that’s unique to your family, few things stand out as much as a beautiful staircase But if we’re honest, it’s really the railing that helps elevate your stairwell’s design.

Whatever your design preference – from modern to beach chic – there are an endless array of material and color options. If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out these seven ideas!


Possibly one of the most popular options, modern railings can be a striking statement piece. Typically constructed of rod iron, this design helps stairwells look more spacious since they let in the natural sunlight. To create a more cohesive look, use the same finish on the hardware throughout your home.

Cottage Charm

For those who prefer a more rustic, shabby-chic design, white stairwells with natural wood finishes strike the perfect balance. Much like the design here, you can use elements like shiplap and built-in shelves or a bench seat to create the perfect cozy space. This more neutral stairwell also creates the blank canvas you need to include other pops of design, such as black and white photographs or natural elements and textures – all without feeling cluttered.


In homes where the stairwell is front and center, traditional railings create a defining tone for the space. The darkness of the floors and banister are offset by the white entry way perfectly, creating a refreshing palette. The open hallway on the second floor adds an airiness and allows the space to flow.


Nautical vibes are plentiful with this rope railing design. Much like the rest of the space, this understated design touch helps to create a zen space that fits perfectly with its coastal surroundings. With the open stairs, this railing flawlessly merges natural and modern.


This isn’t a stairwell design that you see every day. But if your home has a lot of wood finishes, using clear glass can instantly add a modern touch – all without being overstated. The transparent element also helps to provide a gentler perspective on this otherwise sharp staircase.


This natural wood railing might seem simple, but the artistic design makes it the focal point of the open concept space. Being unique enough to draw attention, this railing can’t necessarily be pigeonholed as having only classic Western vibes. Even if the design of the room changes, this artistic element will remain harmonious with the space.


With a beautiful view like this, why would you want to obstruct it? Outdoor railings come in many styles, but this simple metal option provides the best chance to take in the ocean views. Just remember, if you’re on the coast you’ll want to speak with your contractor about choosing railing materials that can withstand the salty air.