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Prepping for the Summer Months

June is the perfect month to beginning getting your home ready for Summer. With the warming weather beginning, there are a few changes you can make to your home to help you feel more organized to better enjoy the upcoming months.

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Bee Friendly –

Spend some time researching which flowers and plants are bee friendly. This will give honeybees a spot to pollinate and add beautiful flowers to your garden and around your home! Some plants that are bee friendly and popular in Massachusetts include: mint, basil, sage, thyme, lavender and much more.

Screen Doors –

If you have storm doors now without a screen, now is the time to install them. Screen doors are a wonderful addition to have, allowing the summer air to flow throughout your home. If you do already have screen doors, be sure that there are not any tears or holes, allowing for insects to creep in.

Organize Kitchen –

There might be some appliances within your kitchen that you use primarily in the winter months but are easily accessible. Swap out tools you use more so during the warmer months, allowing for your kitchen to feel more organized. Some appliances that you may want to bring out are blenders, cookout tools and outdoor plates.

Store Schoolwork –

With children wrapping up school, now is the time to properly store all of their work. Begin by clearing out where you typically display schoolwork throughout the year to start fresh. Then, find the best way for storing. Some effective ways to do this are containers labeled by child and grade, filing cabinets and binders.

Summer Crafts –

Now that school is almost complete, having a designated space for to store crafts for your children to work on is crucial. Not only will this help keep your home organized, it will also provide activities for your children to work on during the warmer months.