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Powder Room Pizzazz!

1. Florals

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You can never go wrong with a basic floral pattern in your powder room. You can choose to do bright colors for your florals or do something more neutral and calming. If you choose to go with the more fun route, choose bigger flowers, so it makes it just a bit less busy. On the other end of things, a smaller pattern is better for the neutral colors giving the flowers the opportunity to fill up more of the empty space.

2. Brush Stroke Polka Dots

Photo Credit: Google Images

This form of polka dots is all the rage right now and it is for a reason! This design is very chic looking and adds a bit of flare to your powder room. Using a black dot on a white background is very appealing. Or, if that does not pique your interest, choose any matte color background and then add a stroke of metallic! This would be fabulous with gold hardware throughout the powder room for a nice feature.

3. Plant Greenery

Photo Credit: Google Images

Although you typical see this summer fun look in green, you can also add it to your powder room in the blue or white. The all white palms look very clean and modern, especially in a powder room. However, if you do want something a little brighter – check out the light blue color. This continues the trend of a blue bathroom, but in an up to date way.

4. Birds

Photo Credit: Pinterest

There is something very calming and serene about airy birds on the walls in a powder room. Whether you choose to put them in cage (think gold and angelic like) or use tropical birds that are more daring; both options provide a great detail. There are many different options within this idea – peacocks, parrots, doves and more! The great element of this wallpaper is that although it may have many different objects incorporated in the design, it does not look overwhelming and is appealing to the eyes.

5. Marble

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is a new way to add a marble look into your bathroom, rather than just for your countertops. Based on the design for the rest of the room, white, grey and black all look very good on the wall, it just depends on the vibe you would like for the room. This is a more modern style, but also something that is simple that you can love for a long time.

6. Black and White Abstract

Photo Credit: Pinterest

There are so many different types of wallpaper in black and white with a variety of patterns. Lines, dots, checkered, murals – endless opportunities to incorporate black and white walls in your powder room. This is a good way to create an eye-catching room with minimal color. It will add some style to any room!

7. Geometric Shapes

Photo Credit: Google Images

What a fun way to spice up the powder room than funky shapes on the wall? You can either stick with sharp lines, such as diamonds and squares for a more clean-cut look or do something a little looser flowing like spirals or a Moroccan look.

8. Butterflies

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Such a beautiful and airy touch to add to any room, but especially a powder room. You could either do this on the entire room or just the ceiling if you want a touch of something different but not something overwhelming. As mentioned with previous wallpaper ideas, you can choose a color or something more neutral.

9. Nautical

Photo Credit: Google Images

If you live by the water, this is an especially great idea. Some ideas for this theme are boats, shells or fish! Recently, a very popular fish wallpaper that has been commonly used is by Cole & Son called “Acquario Pal BL & MLT”. The fish are large and vary in colors, with a solid turquoise background.

10. Tree Pattern

Photo Credit: Google Images

This is a lovely idea and creates a spa like feel inside your home! If this is the vibe you are looking for, stick to a grey, white or light blue color scheme. As you can see from the picture above, this wallpaper looks wonderful with mixed metal hardware. However, the brass especially stands out with this print and adds a bit of color to the faded tone.