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Pools Too Cool for School – Happy Fourth of July!

Happy 4th of July! It’s safe to say that one of the best parts of summer is waking up to a sunny day, tossing on a bathing suit and laying by the pool with friends and family! We’ve put together some ideas for transforming an ordinary pool into something amazing. Check out some of these cool pools!

Pool + Hot Tub with Fireplace

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Instead of having two separate locations for your pool and hot tub, combine them into one. It’ll feel like a five-star resort, all of the time! Step it up a notch by adding an outdoor fireplace to enjoy during the latter part of the day. The look is modern and clean, and is an excellent feature for hosting friends and family.

Waterfall Wall

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If you have the space, this is a must-have detail!  Have your pool built in an area that has room for a wall to section off one side of the pool.  There, feature a waterfall to stream into the pool. Not only is this an appealing look, it also provides some extra relief from the heat on hot days. Whether you choose to build the wall from stone or concrete, it’ll take your pool to a completely new level!

Pool with Cabana Area

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This is the perfect way to make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation all summer long! Provide shaded seating at your pool and look fabulous at the same time!  Add a few tables and chairs and you’ll have yourself an ideal spot to lounge by the pool in comfort (and style).

“Grass” Space

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Pools are often surrounded in concrete to protect the grass, but there are alternatives!  Consider using artificial turf – it’ll have the feel of grass, without damaging your actual yard, and it’s a well-manicured look to boot!

Slender Pool in Wood

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Prefer your pool closer to the deck?  Consider adding wood as a surround, and you can locate all of your pool furniture right next to the swimming area.  This look works best with a slender pool, especially in a rectangular shape – a really luxurious and spa-like feel!

We hope you have a happy and safe Fourth of July (by the pool of course)!