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Penny for your thoughts…

A very hot trend that everyone seems to be obsessing over is words made out of penny round tiles. The most fabulous part about this trend is you can fully customize it to your style and life! This can be added into your master bath, powder room, laundry room, wet bar or truly anywhere else you see fit. Whether it be one of your favorite lines or something symbolizing that specific room, the words you choose not only make your room stylish and trendy but also fun!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Shower –

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The first idea we are passing along is adding words into your shower. If you are thinking about using penny tile in your bathroom, this is a wonderful idea for you. You can choose something simple like “clean” or keep if fun with something like the saying featured above. You can either choose one section of the shower to incorporate this or let it wrap around your entire shower – both options look great.

Bathroom Floor –

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Adding some words on the floor can really add some pizzazz to your powder room. You can choose a quote that you think will feel welcoming to guests or choose a saying that you would just love to see every time you walk that way. The best spots within the powder room to incorporate this is as you walk in and near the vanity, both locations are visible.

Laundry Room –

Photo Credit: Google Images

This is one of our favorite areas for penny rounds in a home, the laundry room! You can have a lot of fun when deciding what to do with this space. You can keep it simple by using one word, such as “laundry” or take it a step further with a saying. Some of the words we adore for this room are “fresh & clean” and “wash & dry”. You can also take this to another level and add in some color should you wish.

Wet Bar –

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If you have a wet bar in your home, this idea is for you. This one is a bit different than the other options we have spoke about in this post because rather than on the floor, the tile words are within the backsplash. Going off of whatever theme you are following, decide on a fun play of words to use. Whether you choose to do something like “cocktails” as seen in the photo above or different words, this idea is sure to add some pep to your bar.