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Patios with Pop!

We are already halfway through the summer and there is nothing better than relaxing on the patio with friends and family. We put together some of our favorite ideas for unique, luxurious patios that you can add right to your home.

Built-In Grill 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It’s a bonus when you can hang out on your patio and also host a party! If you put a built-in grill on the patio, make sure to have a table somewhere, so that all dining and entertaining can happen in one area. Depending on the size you envision your patio to be, you can also add a bar along one of the edges with some stools for additional seating.

Fire Pit 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

We love the idea of this! Adding a fire pit to an area you want people to spend time nearby is a great opportunity to makeover that spot. In our opinion, a beautiful stone fire pit is a wonderful addition to a patio. However, brick and concrete are also fabulous choices. Something else to consider is the separating wall in the photo above. This will allow for a split between your yard and patio, while still looking uniformed.

Outdoor Movie Theater

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Take advantage of your patio both day and night with an outdoor theater! You can add a screen onto your patio and place lights around, to brighten up the view of the screen. Add some comfortable furniture and you will have yourself an outdoor spot to lounge with family and friends for a nice flick.

Pool Build Off

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Finish your swim on the patio without even having to leave! Such a fabulous idea and one that can be used for many different activities. Whether you want to be close by the pool but are not warm enough quite yet for a swim or you are just looking to build a patio in a unique area, this is the idea for you.

Covered Patio 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

How can you say no to an outdoor patio that you can enjoy not only on dry days but even during a little sprinkle? This is more of a cabana like feel but we think it is amazing! The open concept still makes for enjoyment of the warm, summer weather but also allows for extra cover on the not so nice days.