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Party on Liberty Wharf, Boston – Del Frisco’s

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So I decided to deviate from the Wellesley/Weston posts to tell you about a delicious experience I had in Boston. Del Frisco’s of Boston is the place to be. I am not sure how the conversation goes in your house, but here is how it goes in mine:

My husband: “Where do you want to go for dinner?”

Me: “Oh, I don’t care. Somewhere fun.”

My husband then gives me the blank stare. Since I am not the most adventurous eater around, it is not always easy for my man to find the right restaurant. I would truly be happy with a great hamburger and fries at the restaurant formerly known as Houston’s. My husband, on the other hand, loves sushi, shellfish, steaks, you name it.

It was time to celebrate our anniversary and we wanted a special place. Del Frisco’s had been recommended to us by two unrelated, but very trustworthy, friends. Since it was relatively last minute, we had to do some quick negotiating (ok, it was outright begging!!) to get ourselves a table for the coming Saturday night.

We arrive at the scene! It was a gorgeous night on the waterfront and Liberty Wharf was nothing short of a grand party.  Upon our entrance, we were wished happy anniversary at least three times (it seemed like everyone working there knew it was a special night). Our table set the scene for a great night, with the oversized picturesque windows at our side overlooking the Harbor filled with early evening sail boaters. But it was the vibe inside that caught me by surprise. I was expecting a stuffy steakhouse, but what we got was a restaurant with a hopping bar, lively crowd and incredibly tasty food.  Did I mention the view?

The Liberty Wharf is full of life. Del Frisco’s is surrounded by delicious neighbors from Jerry Remy’s (for your favorite sports fare and wall-sized TVs to catch a game) to Temazcal Tequila Cantina (the “in” spot) and Legal Seafoods (always reliable). There is no shortage of food on the Wharf, but there is a shortage of tables. Be prepared to wait awhile for a table or put your name in at a restaurant and take a leisurely walk around the Wharf. I highly suggest making a reservation. Unfortunately for us, Temazcal Tequila Cantina does not take reservations. We gave it a shot this past Saturday night figuring we would grab a drink and hang out at the bar. After speaking with the hostess, we realized a three hour wait was in our future. We gave our name, but were likely not going to wait that long. (By the way, they take your cell phone number instead of giving you a vibrating toy to carry around.) With great disappointment on our faces, we went on a hunt for an open table at any of the other restaurants on the Wharf.

Lucky for us, Del Frisco’s has first come, first serve bar-side tables. We were fortunate to have one open up minutes after we arrived.  My second visit to Del Frisco’s was starting out on the right foot. Since I am a creature of habit, I stuck with my same menu.  My husband being the adventurous one went for the Lobster stuffed with crab. While enjoying our night with friends, a loud noise came from the bar area. To our surprise it was my husband’s crab stuffed lobster, which had been dropped by the waiter. The missing meal did not put even the smallest damper on our night.  The kitchen made him a new lobster on the fly. With no request from us, the manager came over to the table very apologetic.  Again, without any request made by us, he took the lobster off the bill.  What a delightful surprise! I looked at the manager and said with a smile; at least it was not the Australian Lobster Tail that fell to the floor (which is an extremely expensive entrée!). He laughed and gave us all his business card, saying to call him if we ever needed a table last minute!

By the way, my husband’s cell rang around 10:30 pm to let us know that our table was ready at Temazcal. Oh well. At least we know they do call you…

Temazcal Tequila Cantina, you are next!!!!  One of these times, we will put in the looong wait to give it a try.