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Pantone Color of the Year 2020 – Classic Blue

The Pantone Color of the Year has once again been announced! 2020’s color is Classic Blue – a fabulous color to integrate into your home! Below, you can find a few unique ways to add this hot color into your decor. Whether your taste is something big and bold or small and discreet, there are endless options with Classic Blue.

Photo Credit: Pantone


Photo Credit: Pinterest

There are many different ways that that you could utilize Classic Blue when it comes to your furniture. As we previously mentioned, depending on your taste, you can make this as showy or discreet as you would like. For example, if you would like more of a statement, you could play off of the image above – bold cabinets painted Classic Blue. Another large idea is adding in this color couch to your home. Should you choose the cabinet route, you could also consider mudroom cubbies. If you would like something a little more minimal, seat cushions or an ottoman are fantastic ideas.


Accent Wall – Paint or Wallpaper

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From our previous posts, I am sure you know by now that we love wallpaper and this color can not help but add to that! This color is an excellent choice for wallpaper, either textured or a design. You can add this anywhere in your home – the bathroom, bedroom, living room and even your foyer. If wallpaper is not your taste, maybe a small accent wall with this color to create a pop in any room.



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If you are willing to make your kitchen island a statement piece, this idea is for you! You can either have Classic Blue take over the entire island, or add just a touch as seen in the photo above. This looks wonderful with an otherwise simply painted kitchen, adding just the right amount of color. Matching the oven hood to the island is also a stylish addition.

Statement Rug 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

One of the more common options is adding a Classic Blue statement rug to your home. This is something that you will not easily grow tired of but is the perfect enhancement to your home. Under the dining table, in a playroom or bedroom, this color rug is completely versatile. Whether you need this to look elegant or playful, you can spin this color either way.


Home Accessories

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When it comes to accessorizing your home, it leaves a great opportunity to add any color scheme you enjoy. If you choose to do this with your pillows, blankets, photo frames or bathroom towels, Classic Blue will certainly not disappoint. In this case, we love the incorporation of Classic Blue in these statement light fixtures.