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Organizing your home while keeping your kids engaged!

The children are home and that means things can get messy around the house. Trying to find a solution for maintaining and organized home can be difficult, especially during these times.

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Be Selective –

Allow your kids to play with only a select amount of toys at once. The more toys that come out, the more mess there is! If you make it a priority to minimize the amount of activities happening at one time, it will be easier to remain organized.

Designated Home

Creating a designated home for all of your children’s toys will certainly hope you stay organized. Some ideas on how to organize toys and trinkets is making use of containers and bins, closet space and bookshelves. Group like size toys and activities together to  maximize space.

Make use of Books

Books not only benefit educational learning but also are easy to organize and make less of a mess! Have your children pick out a few of their favorite books and when they are done, they go back into the book case.

Create Boundaries

Create certain areas of the house where children are allowed to play freely, such as a playroom or basement. This will help other areas in the house remain organized and toy free! Although they have the freedom to have more toys out at once, be sure to still stay on top of clean ups to prevent a larger mess.

Make it Fun –

It can be difficult to get your children motivated to help pick up their toys and can often fall on you to clean up. However, if you make it a point to make some sort of game out of picking up, it can create more interest for them.