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Organizing Home Spaces!

When you are trapped inside your home, it is a great time to tackle those organizational projects you have been putting off. Below are some more time consuming projects that we may dread doing but are perfect to work on during your free time.

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Clean out the closets –

Whether you need to do this for yourself, children or both, now is the ideal time. Go through all of the clothing in your closet and take out the ones you no longer make use of, you will be surprised what you find! Put those aside in a separate pile and organize your closet using the clothing you are keeping. Maybe you have a designated area for sweatshirts and t shirts and then hang your blouses and dress clothing. You can also do this for the linen and sports closets as well! Start of Spring feeling like everything has its’ own place.

Declutter the bathroom –

We all have them, medicine cabinets that just accumulate clutter and miscellaneous products over time. Sort through every bottle of lotions and medicines you have and toss out anything that is expired or that you no longer use. Once you do that, go through and group similar products together, creating a much cleaner look.

Organize the pantry –

Let’s face it, we all have this great image in our head of what our pantry “should” look like but then life happens. You are rushing around to cook dinners or pack snacks and before you know it there is no rhyme or reason to the pantry. Well, when you have the time, pick up some containers to break up foods into categories. Put all like sized cans and boxes together and before you know it, you will have the organized pantry you have always wanted.

Clean the garage –

Before Spring is in full swing, clean out the garage to make more space for bikes, scooters, gardening supplies and more! You can start by getting rid of any clutter that has been living there that you no longer need. Then go through and organize tools, extra supplies, toys and sports gear. Once you do that, find a specific home for each object, creating an open and clutter free area.

Find a home for holiday decor –

With the holidays ending not too long ago, you may not have had the time to properly store all of your decor the way you would like. Now is the perfect time to dig out everything you stored away and organize it. Designate a bin for every holiday that you have decorations for, toss everything in there that belongs and label it. That way when the next holiday comes along, you will know exactly where everything is!