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Orangetheory Fitness!

Orangetheory Fitness is a favorite workout for many. Luckily for us, the well-liked fitness chain newly opened their doors to the Wellesley community. In August, the company opened their doors on Central Street in Wellesley. The new Orangetheory Fitness is the perfect spot to hit your workout at almost any point throughout the day.

The studio has a wide schedule, allowing everyone to get their workout done during their time preference. Classes begin at 5:15 AM and continue throughout the day into the evening.

This fitness class is 60 minutes long and is known for burning a large amount of calories in a short time. With their signature orange lighting and motivational coaches, you’ll feel ready to push yourself to your absolute limit.

During the class, you will use “OTbeat” technology that monitors your heart rate throughout your exercise. The device records your workout data, providing you with the results of a hard and rewarding workout.

Orangetheory is for people of all levels. Members can choose to walk, jog, run, bike or stride — whatever they feel comfortable with doing. Coaches will make sure you are performing the workout safe and efficient.

Orangtheory Fitness stands out from other exercise classes because not only do you burn an insane amount of calories throughout the class, your body continues burning them afterward.

Orangetheory Regional Manager, Travis Murray said “Its great to be in Wellesley, we love our location.”

Murray explained that everyone from residents and clients to other local businesses, have been so welcoming to the new studio.

If you want to see what all the hype is about, stop by the new studio from now until November 15th and let them know you read our post.

If you mention “The Traci Shulkin Group” you can enjoy a free class, discount on all memberships and an OTbeat heart monitor to use during the classes.