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Now Open – Wellesley’s Loyal Companion!

You know what they say, your pet is your loyal companion, which is why Loyal Companion gives your furry friend a place to feel special and even more so taken care of. With locations already open throughout Massachusetts, “The People Store for Pets” is making their way to Wellesley! The store opened October 29, 2019. You can now visit this store with your pet to pick up some goodies, or take advantage of the services offered.

Photo Credit: Loyal Companion

Unlike other pet boutiques, Loyal Companion offers more than just a one stop shop for all of your needed pet supplies. At this location, they offer training, daycare, grooming and self wash! The reasoning behind having a shop with everything in one place is to make owning a pet more enjoyable and less stressful. At Loyal Companion, you can get everything your pet needs to be happy and healthy, without having to run around to multiple locations, allowing for more time spent with your pal.

Photo Credit: Loyal Companion

Some of the services that are offered at the Wellesley location include training and daycare. Whether you have a new puppy that is just trying to learn the ropes or you have a dog that needs a friend while you work, they will be taken care of. In training, they have a few different programs, depending on what your dog needs. For daycare, you can choose to drop your dog for either a half or full day, granting very much flexibility for you as the owner.

Photo Credit: Loyal Companion

With their slogan being “Everything in your house smells like dog. So make sure your dog smells great”, Loyal Companion offers grooming and self wash. With these two options, you have the choice to either have the professionals groom your pet for you or you can do it yourself. At the stations for you to groom your dog, Loyal Companion provides shampoo, towels and a blow dryer. They also offer a discount on additional services such as nail trimming and teeth brushing.

Photo Credit: Loyal Companion

Along with all the services offered, Loyal Companion also sells dog and cat food, toys, treats, supplies and wellness items! When you swing by there, you will be sure to find everything you are looking for.

When you stop by this wonderful new store, mention that you saw this post from The Traci Shulkin Group and you will receive $10.00 off of your $50.00 purchase OR $10.00 off your first groom.