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Trends in Exterior Paint

Time to switch up the ordinary color scheme of houses and try something new! We are highlighting some of our favorite trends happening now when talking about exterior colors of homes.


Photo Credit: Google Images

A black house? We definitely have your interest now! This is a newer trend coming into play and we can’t help but love it! The image you see here is a great way to top off the black you add to the exterior of your house. A beautiful wood front door with an alternative color porch makes the rest of the house really pop!

Lighthouse Red

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This may seem like a bit more of a bold move but this shade of red is perfect for the outside of a house. It allows you to have a fun color but not one that you can easily get tired of. Mixing it with another color (such as white seen above) is beautiful and unique. A fabulous color choice for our area!

White with Black Trim

Photo Credit: Pinterest

We previously mentioned how we love black for an exterior color but we also appreciate it mixed with white! Take the basic white color scheme to a twist and add black trim. It is traditional for houses to have white trim but who says you can’t switch that up for black? This is a great option if you want your home to have a more of a clean, modern look.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Green is one of those colors people fear you have to be careful of using in large spaces. However, if you take a liking to this fabulous Cypress color, this is a wonderful option for the outside of your home. Mixing Cypress with stone makes for an elegant look.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Yellow is back! A color theme that used to be very popular is now back in the game. This beautiful color is fantastic. Again, black coming into play, pair this color with a darker accent and it will break up the brightness but still allow you to have a fun, lighter main color.