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Miss That? Try This | Sailboats and Water Sports

One of my favorite signs of summer has to be seeing the Charles River packed with clusters of sail boats. I’ve often noticed that the number of crisp white sails tend to outnumber that of any other color. It just so happens that those crisp white sails are more accessible than you think! Community Boating, Inc. is located on the Boston side of the Esplanade, between the Longfellow Bridge and the Hatch Shell, and offers plenty of boating and water sport options for all levels of experience. With sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and more, Community Boating has something for just about everyone. The good news is that all of this fun isn’t contained solely in Boston. When making the move to suburbia, I came across a great way to enjoy those same activities.  In the summer months, my family and I love trips to the Charles River Canoe & Kayak in Newton, (located by the Newton Marriott). Wooden animals are hidden in the woods along the bank of the river, and the kids get a kick out of spotting a bear, snake and maybe even a gator.  Whatever the occasion may be, a birthday party, a group or family outing, or simply a spur of the moment adventure, Charles River Canoe & Kayak offers a variety of packages to accommodate your needs.