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Making Fitness A Priority At Home!

If you are someone who relies on your gym as a bit of an escape, word of closings can cause some stress. Luckily for us, there are plenty of resources to make use of at home! Here are some changes you can make to quickly transform a spot in your home to your new gym.

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Designated space –

First things first, try to find a spot that you can dedicate just to working out. No matter how big or small this spot is, it will make you feel a bit at ease if you cannot go to your gym but still have something. Fill this spot with any workout equipment you currently have and decide if there is anything additional you would like to purchase.

Virtual class –

Many gyms are offering virtual class while they are closed. If yours is not, there are plenty of apps that are designated towards at home workouts. Whether you want to take a HIIT, yoga or pilates class, there are many different options. Find one that works best for you and enjoy! Orangetheory and Peloton are just two of the fitness chains offering online classes.

Peloton –

If a Peloton is something you have always find yourself wanting, now might be the time to get one. Peloton has both a bike and a treadmill available for purchase. With both of these machines, you have the opportunity to take class with virtual coaches and get in a great sweat! Even better, you can workout with friends that also have a Peloton, virtually!

Purchase Essentials –

Finally, be sure to purchase basic essential fitness accessories to help you achieve the best workout possible. According to experts, to make the most of your at home exercise, you should at least have residence bands, dumbbells and a mat.