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Make Your Pet Feel At Home!

We spend a lot of time imagining our perfect homes, spaces that are both stylish and functional. But there are few things as satisfying as creating a home space that feels welcoming and comforting to your favorite four-legged family member. Whether it’s a dedicated feeding station or a dog-friendly shower, there are plenty of ways to ensure your home is pet friendly.

Check out these six design ideas that are sure to please you and your furry friend.


Nobody wants to chase a muddy dog around the house. Avoid bringing the outdoor mess into your home with a special dog shower. Not only can this special shower make it easier for you to bathe your dog (no more bending over the tub), but it’s also less stressful for your dog.

Adding a special dog-washing station is similar to installing any other shower or tub. In general, the best place to install a dog-washing station is right in your existing laundry or mudroom. Just remember that tile surfaces can be slick, that’s why the American Kennel Club recommends adding a rubber mat in the shower and a nonslip rug on the floor.

Built-in Bed

Save space and make a cozy spot for your pup with a built-in bed. Not only are built-in beds more eye-catching than typical pet beds, but they are actually safer since you don’t have to worry about stumbling over it.

Most often built in the mudroom or kitchen, you can add a built-in bed into almost any existing cabinets in your home. Keep in mind that the purpose of this bed is to make your dog feel like he has a safe space, so if your dog is more social you’ll want to put the bed in a high-traffic space – such as the living room or family room.

Feeding Station

If your beautiful kitchen is being cluttered with messy food and water bowls, consider adding in a feeding station for your pet. Easily added in a pantry or mudroom, this space looks great and is mostly out of sight.

While a raised pet bowl stand works well, these bowl drawers are perfect when you have limited space. Just some screws, glue and drawer hardware and you can create a feeding station that your furry friend will appreciate.


Rather than having your dog’s essentials strewn all over the house, save yourself the hassle and create a dedicated storage space. While you can add it in your dog’s bathing area, like the home owner has done here, you can also simply add it to a wall by your back door or in a hall closet.

While it might seem counterintuitive to have your dog’s supplies out on the display, as you can see here, leaving out the essentials can actually create an eye-pleasing visual. In order to minimize clutter, try hanging up just the supplies your dog uses daily.

Freestanding Bed

Not everyone has a cabinet they can convert into a built-in dog bed. If you’re trying to think of a stylish way to incorporate your dog’s bed into your home’s décor, try using a freestanding bed.

Available both online and in pet stores, there are a wide array of bed sizes and styles, just like this modern-inspired teepee, to fit in almost any spot.


Forget what you think you know about the old fashioned flap dog doors. Today’s pet door designs are specially designed to make it convenient for your four-legged friend without the worry of critters and burglars getting into your home.

Special pet doors, such as those designed with a magnetic or electronic sensor, work in conjunction with your pet’s collar. They’ll only unlock and open when your pet attempts to enter or exit.