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Lighten Up! (… we’re talking about your home)

Warmer weather is finally on the way here and we could not be more excited! This is the time to freshen up your home and make it more bright and summer feeling.

Some ideas for lightening up your space are  below.

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Throw Pillows / Blankets –

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One of the simplest ways to brighten up your living space is to swap out dark pillows and throws and add in some lighter colors. You can choose a color that goes along with your color scheme of your home or stick to whites and creams for an airy look. The best spaces to do this for is your living room, bedroom and mudroom bench.

Wall Decor –

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Switch up some of your wall decor for a warmer weather vibe. Whether you add new all new wall decor or swap out some of your frames for summertime photos, both options will prepare your home for a summertime theme. Along similar lines, you can also add some summer holiday decor as appropriate!

Kitchen Decor –

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Many people keep the decor in their kitchen limited, but it is fun to switch up that little decor for the warmer months. This can be very simple, such as having a tray with fresh fruits and a vase of flowers. In this case, you will want to keep the vase, tray and flowers very clean and airy looking.

Front Porch –

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Finally, swapping out the decor on your front porch or door will wrap up your Springtime decor! Some ideas for your porch are fresh flower planters, a fun welcome mat, a summer wreath and even some lanterns as seen in the picture above. As we have mentioned before, curbside appeal is one of the most important factors in your home, so be sure to not create clutter and keep it neat.