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Let’s Take This Outside…

Nature is about to broaden our boundaries!  As the warm weather approaches, here are a few easy ways to elevate your outdoor spaces and heighten your Spring and Summer experiences at the same time!

Many people have taken up or continued the hobby of gardening. Now more than ever is the perfect time to invest in your outdoor garden and make it everything you have always wanted it to be! Below are some wonderful and original ideas of how you can step up your game this year.

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Indoor / Outdoor Style – Shelves outside –

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If you have smaller potted flowers within your garden, this is a wonderful idea! This allows for all of your smaller plants to be displayed and receive plenty of sun. If you do not have the option for floating shelves, you can also get a stand alone one.

Benches –

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We love the idea of having a bench in your garden! If you are someone who really enjoys spending time within the garden, adding a bench is the perfect way. If you do not have the space for a large bench, you could also add a couple of stools for a similar idea.

Paths –

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Design a path that leads you right into your garden! Whether you choose brick, stone or gravel, all are wonderful options for your garden pathway. If you choose to also have the benches or seated area, this is a great way to lead up to that spot.

Flower Tower –

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This is a unique way to display some of your favorite plants. You can alternate the direction that you put each pot for a more fun style! There are also other styles that do not include the pot and create more of a tall flower bush.

Window Boxes –

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One of the best ways to add some beauty to the front of your home is with window boxes! Grab some of your favorite colorful flowers to plant and add in some green for a more full, natural look.