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Keeping The Kids Engaged!

The kids are home from school, now what? How do you keep them entertained during these next couple of weeks, aside from taking full advantage of using screens? We have compiled a list of fun and creative tasks to help pass the time!

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Keep a schedule

Many educators have said that keeping your children on a schedule even when they are out of school is extremely important. With that being said, make a schedule that works for you and your family. Whether that be a few “classes” a day or just creating a routine and sticking to it, having some normality right now will help this transition. If you do choose to do classes, you can certainly research some simple ideas for your child to work on for each subject.


Although it can be messy, it is also something that will occupy children. Let them pick out a recipe that they are interested in, and make it with them! This is a fun activity to do together and it will kill some time out of the day. Some recipe ideas include: cookies, brownies, Rice Krispie Treats and cake pops.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Set up a treasure hunt inside! This can be as easy or hard as you see fit. Cut up a few pieces of paper and write clues on them. Hide them around the house, leading your little ones to the treasure! For treasure ideas you could use candy, crayons, small toys or fake money.

Set up “gym class”

If the weather is nice, head outside for a quick 30 minutes of exercise! Some fun outdoor games are obstacle courses, agility courses, soccer, races and many more! If not, you can still make this work inside. Grab a jumprope or hula hoop and make a challenge out of it.

Make a board game

Have your children brainstorm their idea of a fun board game and have it come to life. You can take a piece of cardboard and have them draw on it to create the game. Find a few small trinkets around the house and use them as the players. Once the rules, board and players are complete, you not only had a craft that occupied some time but also now an additional game!


Pick up a pottery kit – 

The Painting Place in Wellesley is offering to go pottery kits! You can place your order online and they will leave it outside for you to pick up. When you are done, you can also drop it back off for finishing. The Painting Place will supply you with everything you need to complete a fun project!