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Improving on the great outdoors!

With the warm weather approaching, we are sharing some ideas on how you can make your outdoor space that much better, while following social distancing protocol of course.

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Fire pit –

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This is a great activity that you can do even now, while abiding by the social distancing recommendations. There are many different sizes and designs available when it comes to fire pits. Whether you want one built in the yard or a cozy one on your deck, both options are great for nighttime with friends and family.

Kids’ Tepees –

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Such a fun idea for a space that children can play in the backyard! This is a great addition and children can use it during the day or at night with flashlights, mocking a campout. These come in all different patterns and sizes and are great for all ages.

Maximize Space –

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The key to maximizing space in your outdoor area is finding furniture that best fits. If you have a large space, you can add a sectional or any large couch. With smaller spaces, consider using a couple of chairs and a small table to still have it appear spacious.

String Lights –

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Brighten up the space with some fun lights! Adding a string of lights with large bulbs can give your outdoor area a cozier feel. This creates such a great space for nighttime activities with friends.