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Hey! Have you tried? | The Cottage

I’ve heard this place referred to as “hip”, but I have to be honest, in my opinion there are more fitting terms. Personally, I’d call The Cottage light and airy, with a mix of nautical, classic, and traditional influences. The menu is a bit on the smaller side, although it does contain a few favorites that pack a punch. I love myself some fish tacos, and The Cottage certainly delivers! I do wish they had a more expansive salad menu, but highly recommend the vegetable salad as a great option. Also, if you’re looking for a terrific side dish, you can’t go wrong with their sweet potato fries. If it’s brunch you’re after, The Cottage does offer a fantastic Sunday brunch menu, (that I find myself craving a good number of weekdays too). This is a spot that the whole family can enjoy, and can double as a great place to take clients for an introduction to Wellesley’s Linden Square.