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Selecting Hardwood Floors for your home

Hardwood floors are a statement in your home. Deciding on the colors of floors can be tricky, so we are breaking down some of our top choices.

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1. Blonde

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This color flooring can brighten up your room of choice. The light color creates a unique look in your space and is a great option for your living room. Some blonde options include: white oak, red oak, maple, birch, ash and bamboo. The wood options range from a lighter shade to darker and depend on your preference of color.

2. Black

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A newer trend in the hardwood floors category is the color black. Adding black floors into your home gives you more of a modern look.If you are someone who likes to keep your home looking up to date, this may be a great choice. Whether you choose to add this color to your entry way or kitchen, the flooring will make that area pop.

3. Whitewashed

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Whitewashed floors were very popular many years ago and are recently coming back into style recently. These floors look even better with wider planks, giving the room a more airy look and feel. Whitewashed floors typically have a matte look and look exceptionally good with farmhouse style decor.

4. Walnut

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This hardwood flooring choice is more so unique. Walnut flooring has a deeper tone to it, giving your home an elegant look. These hardwood floors are a great accent in your dining area or on your main staircase.

5. Gray

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Another newer favorite among many is the color gray used on hardwood. The shade of gray can either be light, mid or dark, depending on what you are looking for in your home. Once you select your tone, you may choose your plank width. Typically, a wider plank in this color will make your room look larger, which is why it is a choice by many.