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Getting Ready For The Fall Market – Pushing Forward!

Now that you have followed our initial steps for getting your house ready to sell, let us discuss what is next to bring you even closer to your Fall Market goal. The following tips we are about to pass along to you require a bit more effort and are a little more time-consuming. However, they are all crucial parts of the process. Once you complete these, you will be approaching the final steps to getting your home ready, you are almost there!

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Pressure Wash Driveway, Walkway, Patio And Decks – 

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Again, this tip goes back to the importance of the curb appeal of your home. Your driveway and walkway are the first part of the house that potential buyers will step on. You can easily differentiate a maintained driveway from one that is not. The same goes for the patio and deck, it looks much more appealing and allows for a potential buyer to picture their future, happy life there if it is clean and charming looking. Stay on top of tidying these up while in the process of your home being on the market.

Put Away Yard Tools –

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Pick up the hose, rake or shovel that may be laying around in your yard and put it away (nicely) in the shed or garage. When someone is coming to view your home, you do not want tools scattered throughout the yard, distracting from your well-maintained grass. Try to remove anything that is not stationary / permanently stays in your yard.

Clean Off Patio Furniture –

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This is something that many people do not think to do but it is very important and makes all of the difference. Be sure to give all of the furniture on your patio a good washing before putting it on the market. Again, you will want this to clean and allow for people to imagine a life here, not be distracted by dirty pillows. If you are worried about having to do this often, another option is to have pillows that you keep out just during showings and open houses and put away on the off time to keep clean.


Hide All Power Cables

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Every area in your house with some type of electronic looks much, much better when there are little to no wires exposed. Whether you need to do this for your entertainment area or just the coffee machine on your counter, be sure to do a swoop around to tuck away all obvious wires.

Add Center Piece To Dining Table

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This is something that you use to spice up your home and make it look lived in, without having sentimental value. You want to remove stuff that is too personal for when others visit, but this is fabulous decor for potential buyers. Keep it simple but fun. Because we are discussing the Fall Market, something like the photo above is the perfect example of a great balance of that.

Tidy The Closets –

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It can be tempting to take the items that you clean up around the house and just toss them into a closet, thinking nobody will find it. However, that is not the case. Often times when people are visiting a house that they have the potential to buy, they look at the closets because they are interested in the available space. Be sure you keep these tidy to maximize the amount of space shown.