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Getting Ready For The Fall Market – Part 1

There is a reason that the “Fall Market” is popular terminology in the real estate world. If you are considering putting your house on the market, there is no time like the Fall. We understand that putting your house on the market is no easy task, so we are going to help you with some tips from start to finish. We will walk through the very beginning first steps when you decide to sell your house, all the way to the day before you have a showing. So, let’s get started…

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Mow the Lawn – The initial impression that someone has when they pull up to your house is one that will last forever –  It can make or break how they view your home. If you have a yard that is not well cared for, it will instantly make the potential buyers question the condition of the inside of your home. Be sure that your grass is freshly mowed to look more manicured. There is something extraordinarily welcoming about pulling up to the home with bright green, freshly mowed grass.

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General Landscape – Pull your weeds, plant some fresh flowers and rake away any stray leaves you may see, and your yard will be ready to go! Because we are approaching the fall, make consider putting out some Mums and pumpkins. However, remember to keep it simple and not overwhelming. You do not want it to be a distraction.

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Clean-up / Close down the pool – When getting ready to put your house on the market for the Fall, you need to make sure the pool area is cleaned up. With that being said, typically this time of year people are closing up their pools and getting ready for the new season. Whether your pool is open or closed, you want to make sure the area looks tidy and put together.

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Remove clutter – This one seems to be the most straight forward but is extremely important! A potential buyer needs to be able to walk into your home and envision a life of their own there. That process becomes much more difficult when there is clutter everywhere within the house. Take the time to declutter and make your spaces look as clean and organized as possible.

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Replace light bulbs – The amount of brightness found in a home can really make or break the buyers’ decision in your home. If they walk into a home and it is nice and bright, they will be more likely to picture living their life in this happy, welcoming vibe the home offers.

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Next week we will be preparing you for the next steps of getting your house ready for the Fall market. Good luck getting started!