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Getting Ready For the Fall Market – Final Touches!

After reading our first two posts, you should be making your way to having your house completely ready for the Fall Market. We have broken it down into two beginning stages to help you prepare for these final steps. For the steps listed below, you will want to wait until as close to the listing time as possible, so they remain fresh and new. Follow these steps below and your house will be ready to go!

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Wash the windows & front porch –

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Like we have said before, it is important that you make the most of the first impression people have on your home. Having clean windows and front porch make all of the difference. Be sure to stay on top of these two tasks through the process of having your home on the market.

Sweep up leaves –

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You should focus on cleaning up any leaves or fall debris, specifically at the front of your home. Rake up any leaves on your lawn and sweep away the ones off of your porch. This will make an incredible difference during showings and open houses.

Remove Garbage Bins –

If you have a place to tuck away your garbage bins so that they are not directly in the front of your house or garage, try to do so. Although it seems like something small, this change makes the outside of your home look a little more presentable.


Clean all floors –

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Make sure that your floors are swept and mopped consistently. It is important that the floors in your home look to their best potential during this time.

Wipe and clear counters –

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During this time, the saying “less is more” certainly comes into play. You want to keep your counters as clear as possible to not only look more organized and clean but also spacious. This is especially crucial in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Add fresh flowers –

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Flowers in your home can make all of the difference when showing it. Grab some fall bouquets and disperse them throughout your home wherever you see most fit. Some rooms to pay special attention to are the dining room, kitchen and powder room.

Fill Fruit Bowl –

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If you have a fruit bowl in your kitchen or dining room, be sure it is full. Grab some apples to fit the season. If you do not want to keep up with this, be sure to pull it off of your counter for the time being.

Remove family photography –

It is a good idea to depersonalize the house when it is on the market. Go around your home and remove any personal family photographs that you may not want out in the open during this time.