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Get your home ready for the fall market!

Fall is a great time of year to put your home on the market. Families are back from summer vacations, kids have returned from camp (and are back in school) and the holidays aren’t upon us, yet! The weather is starting to change, and so the sweater season begins. People are happy and relaxed, because the snow has yet to fall. Here are a few tips to help you in your quest to sell:

Change your filters/batteries: As you start closing the windows, you want your home to have that fresh air smell. Have the HVAC systems checked before you turn on the heat, and address any problems you might have. A home inspector will look at your HVAC system during an inspection – so better to have any problems addressed and resolved before your home goes on the market. Replace batteries and test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home so that all are operating properly.


Clean out the fireplace:  There is no better smell in the fall than a wood-burning fireplace.  However, before you have your first fire of the season, have a professional chimney sweep come in to inspect and sweep your chimney.  Most will not only clean your chimney but will also inform you of defects in the flue, liner or firebox, check your cap and screen, check the condition of your bricks and mortar and clean the blower if your fireplace is equipped with one.  Once it’s clean, throw a few birch logs on for show and wait to let your buyers be the first to christen the newly cleaned fireplace.


Clean the windows:  Rain, wind and pollen can make your windows and screens unsightly.  Remove the screens, spray them down and clean the inside and outside of your windows.  Buyers will notice everything and you want your home to sparkle, inside and out.


Create curb appeal:  Once the leaves have fallen off the trees, clean up all the debris in the yard.  Cut back any overgrown vegetation that may be blocking walkways and windows so as to let the natural light into your home.  Plant some fall mums or marigolds in pots lining your walkway, front steps and back porch and accent with pumpkins.


Layer in accessories and lighting:  We all know that the daylight gets shorter in the fall, so pull up the blinds, open the shades and turn on the lights (even on the appliances).    This will all help to make your rooms appear bigger.  Layer in your ambient, task and accent lighting and try for 100 watts of light per every 50 square feet.   Add in cozy throws, quilts, accent pillows and seasonal accessories.  Creating a warm and inviting home will welcome in your next buyer.