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Get Ready for Guac! | Boloco is Coming

Boloco is coming! Boloco is coming! That’s right, Boloco is coming to town tomorrow! Set to open Saturday, September 29th at 7am, their “globally inspired burritos” are coming to Central Street in Wellesley. With the fire station next door, feel free to make that burrito as hot and spicy as you’d like. The Boston-based company makes other typical burrito menus green with guac-like envy, adding options from an Indian-inspired Tikka Masala burrito, to Thai, Cajun, BBQ, and Buffalo options. Beyond burritos and tortilla-free burrito bowls, Boloco’s menu extends beyond to include breakfast options, tasty snacks, and healthy (and some decadent!) smoothies. Boloco certainly has something for everyone. I don’t know about you, but I plan to get in line when the doors open, and give their new Central Street location a taste-test of my own!