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Fun Facts About Wellesley

Whether you are from Wellesley or live in the area, you know what a wonderful, historic town it is. We have put together some of our favorite facts about the lovely town to fill you in just a bit more about the history of this spot.

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1. In the 1600s, the first residents in Wellesley were Algonquin speaking Native Americans. Later, the first English settler was Andrew Dewing near Grove Street in the 1630s.

2.Dedham was once a one large town, which eventually split off into two – Dedham and Needham. Originally, Wellesley was included within Needham and it was known as West Needham.

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3. The first school in town was built on Linden Street in Newton. However, at the time this was built the town was still known as West Needham.

4. In 1875, Wellesley College began with their first 314 students. This college was named after Washington Street resident Horatio Hollis Hunnewell, who later donated the Town Library and Town Hall Buildings.

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5. Centennial Park on Oakland Street was created in 1981 to celebrate the town’s 100th birthday. This hidden gem is a great park for dog walking, running, hiking and perfect for any outdoor activity.

6. During the 1940’s, the men from Wellesley that served in WWII came home and were given 42 acres of land to build their homes. This spot is located near Morse’s Pond.

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7. When the new library opened in Wellesley, hundreds of residents physically carried books from the old spot across Washington Street to the new one.

8. A Wellesley resident at the time, Jane Curtin, became one of the players on Saturday Night Live’s Not Ready for Primetime. Then, in 2008 Michaela Watkins also from Wellesley, was on the show.

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9. In 2008, the Beach Boys played a free concert on Hunnewell Field for all residents.

10. The infamous Thanksgiving game played by Wellesley and Needham High School took place at Fenway Park in 2012.

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We hope you love the fabulous town of Wellesley as much as we do and learned something new about it while reading this!