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Fireplaces Everywhere!

Nothing says winter quite like a warm, inviting fireplace. This cozy feature can be a beautiful addition to any home. In fact, adding a fireplace can also provide a significant boost to your home’s value. According to the National Association of Home Builders, a fireplace is one of the top three features requested by consumers when buying new homes.

With so many design possibilities to choose from, finding the perfect fireplace can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Not to worry – here’s some fireplace inspiration for every room in your home.


Whether you’re using it for cooking or just for the aesthetic, a fireplace can serve as the perfect focal point of your kitchen. Traditional kitchen designs, especially those with darker wood cabinets and antique finishes, might opt for a stately brick front.

Modern kitchens can also incorporate fireplaces with a split face marble, concrete or limestone edging. A fireplace provides the perfect mix of old and new.


A bedroom should feel like a welcoming retreat from the chaos of the day, and a fireplace is the perfect way to instantly transform it into cozy sleeping quarters. If your bedroom’s fireplace feels more traditional, try incorporating more modern accents – like high back chairs or pops of color.

Have an overly-long wall? Take advantage of the broad space by making the fireplace extra wide. You can even extend the fireplace’s face if it’s made of natural materials, such as stone, for eye-catching appeal.


New technology in gas and electric has lead a growing number of people to install fireplaces in their bathrooms. Newer fireplaces are perfectly designed for smaller spaces, such as at the end of a tub, and only require access to a side wall for venting – no need for expensive renovations.

Installing a smaller fireplace in a bathroom can be quite simple too, requiring minimal construction and literally plugged right in. Keep in mind that many people prefer to have fireplaces at floor level in bathrooms, as it helps to take the chill out of tile and stone.

Dining Room

A painting over a fireplace is a classic way to add a touch of elegance to any dining room. If you prefer a more modern design, try adding an antique mirror and impressive limestone.

You can also embellish the fireplace wall itself with textured wallpaper. Try positioning accents on the table with hints of color near the fireplace. Rather than focusing solely on the wall, guests’ eyes will gravitate around the whole space, making the warm flames the main focal point.

Game Room

In popular gathering spaces, like a game room, fireplaces can undoubtedly help to create an inviting feel. Rather than worrying about stoking the flames, try a gas fireplace as the perfect option for high traffic spaces.

With a click of a remote, you can instantly adjust the temperature – no sooty hands to be found. Plus, some gas fireplaces offer heat-resistant glass doors, making them a safer option for children.


Even by a drafty window, you’ll be perfectly toasty reading a book positioned right by the fireplace. Inspired by timeless formal concepts, surround your fireplace with bookcases containing all of your favorite classics.

If building brand new bookcases isn’t on your to-do list, you can also install sconces. One of the most commonly used lights in modern homes, they’re perfect for flanking a fireplace – and you can install them in 15 minutes or less.

Family Room

Curious how you can kick family game night up a notch? Refresh your family’s favorite space with the cozy, welcoming style of a natural fireplace. Warm wood tones and cool color accents help to keep the room feeling open even as the fire roars.

Rather than flank the fireplace with storage shelves, incorporate mirrors to add a soft reflection.

Outdoor Dining

Once it gets going, there truly is nothing like a roaring, outdoor fire. Much like interior fireplaces, there are plenty of outdoor fireplace options – from fire pits to pizza hearths. Whatever your preference, consider whether your fireplace will be portable or permanent.

Common materials for outdoor fireplaces are stone, stucco, tile and brick. Considering that all of these materials come in a wide-range of colors, matching your existing patio furniture and overall design should be a breeze. Most importantly, be mindful that your fireplace not be located near flammable areas, like trees or plush outdoor furniture.