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When you’re starting to decorate your home, it can sometimes feel like there isn’t enough space or budget. While you can’t always add square footage, there are plenty of ways to make your space feel expertly decorated and put together.

The secret? Take advantage of your home’s blank canvas – your walls. No matter your style, these seven wall designs are sure to wow.

Reclaimed Barn Wood

A reclaimed wood wall can add warmth, as well as setting the tone for the space. If you want to add an artistic twist, avoid the cabin aesthetic, try using a variety of woods. A lighter stain, like this one that uses gray undertones, adds a subtle modern touch.


After a spree of wallpaper overload in the 80s, today’s designers are slowly working wallpaper back into their designs. There are a wide variety of wallpaper designs and patterns to choose from. To keep your space from looking dated, use wallpaper with a larger pattern. It adds visual, artistic interest without overwhelming your space.


If you’re not quite ready for the commitment of wallpaper, make a bold statement with paint. Horizontal stripes make a room appear more spacious, while vertical stripes make ceilings appear higher. Using a darker color, like the navy in this bathroom, keeps your space from having an ‘under the big top’ vibe.


Thanks to its rustic charm and subtle texture, shiplap has become a go-to wall material. Even if you’re not interested in fully committing to a farmhouse décor, there are a lot of ways to use shiplap in your home design. In white, shiplap will match almost any color or theme you already have in your space. Plus, compared to a full renovation, shiplap walls are easy to install and make a big statement.

Board and Batten

While its name is not as easily recognized as shiplap, board and batten walls are a tried and true home design aesthetic. While it’s most commonly seen in farmhouse style homes, it’s become increasingly popular with modern, minimalist and transitional styles. Even better, it’s one of the easiest home design projects – even for novices.


Probably one of the most environmentally-friendly wall materials on this list, cork is revered for its lightweight and high insulation properties. Cork’s beautiful natural grain can be tinted and stained by manufactures to create patterned and beautiful finishes. Just remember, cork is not waterproof, so you’ll want to be mindful to seal it properly.


Aside from floor-to-ceiling windows there is no better way to accentuate a small room than well-placed mirrors. Whether it’s amplifying light or expanding walls, mirrors can solve almost any design problem. Even a wall full of mirrors, like in this small study, help to make the space feel airier and more open.