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Father’s Day Gifts – Wellesley MA

Courtesy of Tokens & Icons/London Harness Company


The big day is around the corner.  All the wives are in a panic.  What should we get our husbands?  What should the kids get their Dad?  What should we get our Grandfathers?  Do we go with the boring golf shirt?  They could always use one more golf shirt, right?  Wrong!!!!  Boring.  If I buy one more blue golf shirt, it may put me over the edge.  That’s why I am here to save you. If you are looking for something new and different to give on Father’s Day, then read on.  You might like what you read.

In the past year or so, watching the stores close in Wellesley Center has been really difficult.  Rugged Bear closing was the last straw.  That was a Wellesley staple since I was a kid.  Where was I going to get my kids gloves, snow pants and boots?  It was one stop shopping at Rugged Bear.  It got me thinking about local shopping and how important it was to the town of Wellesley to keep the doors of the center open and bustling.  With Father’s Day around the corner, I spent some time investigating what the stores in the center of town have to offer for our husbands, fathers, grandfathers….etc. My goal was to buy all my father’s day gifts in Wellesley.  I was determined to keep it local.

So I took to the streets to explore the stores of Wellesley Center and beyond.  I went into so many stores and talked to the salespeople/owners about what their best-sellers were for Father’s day or what has been the big hit of the year.  It was such a fun day and a great learning experience.  After my day of exploring (and purchasing!), I decided to share the information.  Here are the stores that I visited/talked to and the hot ticket items for Father’s Day!!!

London Harness Company/Tumi

You don’t think shopping for luggage is fun!  Then you haven’t stepped into London Harness Company.  The owner, Dan Woodman, had so many exciting gifts to show me.  I was like a kid in a toy store.

I began my adventure in the Tumi store since the Tumi gym bag was a huge hit for all the men in my family a few years ago.  I wanted to check out some of their new pieces.  I did a little walk down memory lane remembering that my first briefcase was a Tumi Bag.  Dan knew just the right bags to bring over.  The Tumi T-Pass briefcase is just fabulous.  It makes it easier when going through security at the airport.  You just have to open the bag rather than take your computer out.  It is like having the Fastlane for your computer.  Another option is the briefcase on wheels that hooks right onto your luggage with wheels.  We didn’t stop there.  If you are looking for a more modern stylish bag, then the Alpha Bravo collection is the way to go.  There are so many options to choose from.

Then we strolled into the London Harness side of the store.  We began by looking at high-end luggage by Ghurka (made in the USA).  It is beautiful and there are so many styles to choose from.  The duffles, made from gorgeous leather, are very stylish (great overnight bag).

Then things got even more interesting.  We are a big sports family and it starts with my husband.  Sometimes I wonder if he thinks that he is  actually a player on the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox or Pats?  For that reason, I am always looking for the newest item in sports.  The company Tokens & Icons brings something different to the table.  They have cuff links made from actual pucks used during a Bruins game or from the old parquet floor at the Boston Garden.  They have bottle openers made out of old baseball bats and basketball floors and bar stools made out of old Red Sox bases.  And on and on. What is so cool about these gifts is that not only is it a great conversation piece, the items also look really cool.  Each item has a serial number or an authenticity card.  The hologram/id number allows you to look up where the part of the bat or floor came from.  What great gifts for the Sporty Dad!  The Bruins hockey puck cuff links could be the perfect gift for the Hockey Dad!  They are also great gifts to pass on down to your kids.


My experience began looking for goggles and a certain baseball bat for the kids.  After walking around the store, I realized that I should definitely get my husband something here for Father’s Day.  Was it going to be a new mitt to throw ball with the kids, or a new tennis racket, work out clothes, sneakers….okay, now I am getting too practical.  So then I thought what about a flag football set to play with the kids or a bruins hat/shirt (or any Boston team).  Whichever way you might want to go, Thunder is the perfect place to find something for the active/sporty dad.

The Wellesley Booksmith

As you walk through the front door, there is a table ready and waiting for Father’s Day. The Wellesley Booksmith has made buying a present for Father’s Day quick and easy with a big selection at your fingertips (for the time challenged person).  Is your Dad/Grandpa/Husband a reader?  Is sports his thing?  What about fiction or non-fiction?  After talking with the extremely knowledgeable salespeople/buyer, here are the books we came up with:

“Remembering Fenway Park” by Harvey Frommer for the Sporty Dad;

“Nightwork: A History of Hack and Pranks at MIT” for the Jokester Dad;

“Steven Tyler” biography for the Rock Star Dad;

“Tabloid City” by Pete Hamill for the Dad that loves fiction;

“The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches” for the Foody Dad

There is a book that fits every Dad’s interest so have fun at the Booksmith.

E.A. Davis

E.A. Davis has unique and beautiful clothes for the men in your life.  Here are a couple of ideas that may make buying your gifts much easier.   There are some hot new items flying off the shelf at E.A. Davis.  Head on over for some Liquid Flow shorts that are water repellant.  There is a whole assortment of colors and patterns for the men to love.  E.A. Davis is also the exclusive retailer for the highly popular Thunder Bay 1636 Lacrosse inspired Polo shirt.  It could be a great Father/Son gift, if your son likes to be a little mini-me… and it would make a perfect Kodak moment!

Wasik’s – The Cheese Shop

The Experience!!!  Just walking into the store and talking with the Wasik’s family is so delightful.  From the tasty brie treat (so creamy and delicious) to the incredible knowledge and love of cheese, the only way to describe my time at Wasik’s is to say, Wow!  The two cheeses that were highly recommended to bring great satisfaction to our father’s and husband’s on their special day were Livarot (Normandy) and Goudden Kuas Reserve (Holland).  I brought a sample home and fell in love with both cheeses (as did my 4 year old son).  He describes them as “yummy and more please!”.  So set the scene of relaxation for your man, with a Van Winkle Bourbon and some delicious cheese from Wasik’s.  He will be singing your praises.

Papers & Presents

There are so many cute, “gifty” ideas in this store.  I am completely obsessed with the Tumblers.  They keep a cold drink cold and a hot drink hot.  More importantly it just feels great in your hand.  You can personalize them with a variety of colors or print.  Another hot item is the photo tray or the Lucite photo frames and boxes.  These are great gifts from the kids.  They will look great in Dad’s/Grandpa’s office.

Optical Designs

It’s almost officially Summer!  Get those sunglasses ready for the beautiful days ahead.  Does your man need a little update in Sunglass department?  Come check out the hits for this Spring/Summer.  One of the most popular at Optical Designs is the Tag Heuer 27 degrees series with its sporty yet classic design.  Michelle at Optical Designs said “The Persol 649 sunglasses is one of the most recognizable sunglasses on the market.  It has been worn by many of todays celebrities but the brand has always stayed true to its roots and is always a hit because of its classic design.”  Another brand to consider for summer is Maui Jim, known for their high quality sunglass lenses. Recently and with great success, Maui Jim has stepped up their style without losing functionality.  The new Wiki Wiki model, “inspired by the classic aviator design” has been a huge hit this season with the popular Maui Jim’s polarized lenses but with a twist including the gradient lens design.  This could be the perfect gift for the stylish Dad!

J. McLaughlin

There is so much to choose from at J. McLaughlin for Father’s Day.  The bright colors draw you in since we are all hoping that the sun will make an appearance soon.  The assistant manager, James, gave me some great ideas for Father’s Day.  Here are some key items that he recommends.

Don’t miss their signature men’s Callahan cotton polos in a variety of colors and stripes. And if you are looking for a pair than match up the shirt with some canvas cotton Devon shorts. The shorts come in a variety of pastel colors and if skull and crossbone or schools of fish are your man’s style than the embroidered shorts might be the perfect fit.

James said “the top seller would have to be our ties, which are striking, original, and vivid in both pattern and design. They are the perfect accent to any shirt!”


Always a great place to hit for the summer staples.  Khaki shorts, Collared shirts, boxers/boxer briefs and so much more.  Freshen up your man’s wardrobe a little with something new.

Blue Ginger

Bing!  That is all that needs to be said.  Pick up some Bings for your husband in either beef, pork or duck whatever his favorite is.  We all know the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach.


With the stress of work and life, a man will always appreciate a nice deep-tissue massage.  They may not admit it, but they will enjoy it!


Always a hit!  Yes, it is something that he can buy for himself, but a surprise caffeine fix in the morning is always a welcomed treat.

I hope this list has been a helpful guide to shopping for Father’s Day in Wellesley.  There are so many other stores to explore in the town of Wellesley.  I will be sure to add more to the list for next year.  Feel free to send me comments or ideas to help with next years list.

Happy Father’s Day!  Enjoy your special day to the fullest!  Hopefully, one of your loved ones will pick up one of these cool gifts in Wellesley.

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