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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Your dad has been with you through everything. Breakups, driving lessons, he’s seen it all. This year, skip the sad tie and sock routine, and give him a gift that he can truly get some use out of. These 20 gift ideas, from a needlepoint flask to a wine saver, are sure to appease him and show him that he has taught you an important lesson – how to give an amazing gift.


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1. Go Pro, North River Outfitter, Wellesley

Is Dad always the one yelling “wait, let me grab a quick picture?” Go Pro offers him the chance to capture all of your family’s memories, without the hassle of a bulky camera. With the press of a single button, this light-weight, mountable camera records high-definition videos and still photos that Dad is bound to love.


2. The Stylish Life, North River Outfitter, Wellesley

A trip onboard a yacht might not be in your budget for dad’s gift this year, so give him the next best thing. Explore the luxurious lives of the rich and famous in this coffee table book series. With topics ranging from yachts to tennis, Dad is bound to find a topic that intrigues him.


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3. Bevy Photo Storage, London Harness, Wellesley

One thing’s for sure with the arrival of a new baby: picture overload. Save, organize, and curate all of your family’s photos with the help of Bevy. This external hard drive software allows every family member to share their photos in real-time, so you can access the photos whenever and wherever you go.


4. Shiraleah Frame, Florijin, Wellesley

Remember the hundreds of Instagram-approved photos you took of your newborn? Make sure you put them in an equally fashionable frame. Bridging the gap between classic and street style, Shiraleah’s picture frames are renowned for their global twist of color and material and are sure to be a picture-perfect Father’s Day gift.




5. The Boston T Jigsaw Puzzle, Pinestraw, Wellesley/Newton

What can you possibly get for the man who already has every Boston Red Sox accessory imaginable? Test his Boston knowledge with this intricate jigsaw puzzle featuring the Boston’s famous T. From South St. to Logan Airport, watch him piece together his beloved city.


6. Backgammon, Pine Straw, Wellesley/Newton

Just because Dad is retired doesn’t mean he should kick back 24/7. Get Dad back in the game with a board game classic, backgammon. This classic set from Pine Straw offers Dad the game he loves, with a classic twist that’s sure to provide you with hours of family game time.




7. Red Sox Needlepoint Flask, London Harness, Wellesley

Have you caught Dad humming “Sweet Caroline” one too many times? Give Dad a gift he’ll love even in the off-season with this Red Sox Needlepoint Flask from London Harness. Trimmed in full grain leather, this signature needlepoint will help Dad get the party started (or just keep it going).


8. Peter Millar Vest, North River Outfitter, Wellesley

Protecting Dad from harsh New England winters shouldn’t mean sacrificing style. Perfect for the man who considers every day a great opportunity to practice on the green, this durable Peter Millar Vest from North River Outfitter is lightweight (about the same weight as two slices of bread), but offers the windproof, water-resistant features Dad needs to help keep his game on-point.


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9. Savino Wine Saver Carafe, London Harness, Wellesley

Whether it’s a rich Cabernet Sauvignon or a crisp Riesling, there’s nothing your Dad hates more than wasting a bottle of wine. Why not treat him to a gift that saves him wine and money? Savino’s patented technology eliminates the need for pumps, gasses and corks. And since it automatically seals, your Dad can look forward to a beautiful glass of wine each time.


10. Barbeque Multi Tool, Pine Straw, Wellesley

Designed for the grill master, the Barbeque Multi Tool will help your dad step up his grill game. This five-in-one essential helps Dad get the perfect char every time, from picnics, to tailgating and camping. Even better, its full-length extension helps Dad spend less time sweating over the grill and more time enjoying the party.




11. Peter Millar Duffle, North River Outfitter, Wellesley

In just a few years, Peter Millar’s has become the discerning option for men who want durability without sacrificing versatility. This duffle bag is no exception. Lined with soft microsuede, this duffle is the perfect accessory – whether Dad is taking a night getaway or a trip across the country.


12. Peter Millar Swim Trunks, North River Outfitter, Wellesley

By far one of the most comfortable swim trunks options available for men, Peter Millar’s swim trunks are made for the dad who wants to make splash in more ways than one. Whether he prefers a vintage stripe or a bolder pattern, the signature quick-drying material is perfect from the beach to the cantina.




13. Hillbilly Elegy, Wellesley Books, Wellesley

For the politically conscious dad, J.D. Vance’s New York Times bestselling memoir takes a head-on confrontation to an often-taboo topic – poverty in America. Raised in a decaying steel town in Ohio, Vance weaves a striking, yet complicated, narrative that questions the roots of poverty, self-efficacy and morality. Whatever your beliefs, Vance advances the questions that many are still struggling to answer.


14. Since We Fell, Wellesley Books, Wellesley

Often called the master of pushing the boundary between genera and character, Dennis Lehane’s newest novel is equal parts character study and thriller. Told from the anxiety-riddled mind of Rachel, Lehane’s book challenges readers to consider the life we define as normal, and how our own misconceptions about human understanding can lead to our downfall.




15. Asics Boston Edition, Marathon Sports, Wellesley

For the dad who is always ready to show his Boston pride, this special edition shoe from Asics captures everything his loves about his town. From lobsters to iconic lighthouses, Asics’s seamlessly constructed sole delivers forefront support, while reducing the potential for irritation and blisters.


16. Timex Ironman Move, Marathon Sports, Wellesley

I know, watches seem like a go-to Father’s Day gift, but the Timex Ironman Move isn’t a typical watch. Taking their best-selling Classic 50, Timex’s new watch now offers two new features that are sure to help Dad meet his fitness goals. From appointment reminders to a lifelong battery, this watch might be the next best thing to a personal assistant.




17. Tumi Garment Bag, Tumi, Wellesley

Often considered the industry’s leading expert in travel accessories, Tumi’s garment bags will keep your dad’s suits and coats looking fresh wherever his business takes him. Updated with a four-wheel design for ultimate movability, the bag offers Dad the space he needs without the annoying extra bulk.


18. Pak-A-Robe, Pinestraw, Wellesley

This classic portable blanket is the ideal outdoor accessory, from the stadium, to the car, or boat. Made of sturdy canvas material, this stadium throw (also known as a “robe”), gives Dad an heirloom-quality blanket that he can use for decades. As if you need another reason to love it, the carrying case also doubles as a seat cushion!




19. Smathers and Branson Belt, North River Outfitter, Wellesley

At first glance, this belt might look ordinary. But upon closer inspection of the signature stitching and chestnut colored leather, it’s clear that this belt could only come from the skilled artisans at Smathers and Branson. Vintage American flags, nautical-inspired blue crabs, these belts certainly are definitely not a “waist” of a gift.


20. Breaker Pant, North River Outfitter, Wellesley

Vineyard Vines breaker pants are all about unassuming comfort. With its clean, straight-leg look, these pants offer strong, yet breathable, support that Dad expects, with comfort that’ll quickly make him reach for these pants every day of the week.