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End of Summer | New Beginnings

As the end of summer marks the close of lax summer days, it’s back to school for the kiddos and back to that same old work routine for the rest of us. While getting back into the swing of things, I invite you to join what I hope to be a welcomed and refreshing take on all that’s current and newsworthy in select suburbs of Boston. A self proclaimed “City Girl in the Suburbs”, my blog has been reinvented to include tips and tricks on bridging the city-to-suburbia gap with new columns including: Miss that? Try This…: Suburban Alternatives to Boston’s Hottest Spots, and  Hey! Have you tried: Hidden Gems in Weston & Wellesley.  In addition, it’s my hope that you will join me in taking a peek at upcoming local events, new area businesses to welcome, hot holiday gift lists, and of course, home buying and real estate market info. I’d hate to bore you with just another internet blog, thus your feedback is truly of the utmost importance – I hope together we can have a little fun exploring all that suburbia has to offer!