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Doors of Steel

Trends are constantly changing within the category of home design and currently steel doors are all the rage. There are several ways to incorporate this modern look into your home, creating a unique and charming design.

1. Entry Doors

The entry of your house is the first impression people receive and there are few things that will catch your guests’ eye — like a steel door. The style options for this are endless varying from a glass door with steel trim or even a full steel door.

2. Barn Doors

Separating a room in your house with a barn door is a sleek and appealing look. To still allow for flow from room to room, add a glass door with steel trim. If black is not your usual color choice, try silver steel for a bit more of an airy style.

3. Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re searching for a more modern look, switch the wooden kitchen cabinets to glass with a steel frame. It allows to customize your shelves and then display, with a minimalist look.

4. Bi-Fold Doors

These type of doors can add a lot of dimension to your home. Bi-fold doors are easy to add most places because of how compact they are. The area separating your house from your patio is a great spot to add in a steel, bi-fold door.

5. Pivot Door

Pivot doors are becoming more common in today’s construction and that is for a reason. This elegant looking door also serves as a showpiece in your home. Either use it as an entry way to a spot outdoors or in a big, open area inside the house. Adding steel will make the door even more of a statement.

6. Shower

Glass showers are very popular and make for a stylish look. Make your glass shower stand out from the rest by adding some steel design. This adds more character to your shower while looking fresh and modern.