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Dirty Laundry

Laundry might not be your favorite chore, but that doesn’t mean your laundry room has to be cluttered or boring. Your laundry area can be both functional and beautiful. Check out these six smartly-designed laundry rooms that will help you lighten the load.

In the Kitchen

If you don’t have a ton of extra space for a dedicated laundry room, consider hiding it in plain sight. This is a great way to incorporate your laundry machines into almost any corner of your house, even your kitchen. Functional meets style. With a metal wired door and modern hardware, this breathes style into any space.

For a Big Household

Large laundry rooms don’t always guarantee functionality or smart organization. If you feel like your doing laundry for a small army, make sure your space is organized for maximum efficiency. Add overhead and a cabinet below the sink for more storage, storage, storage. Because let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as too much storage!

In the Closet

Laundry rooms in tight spaces can be converted into fully functional working spaces with smart overhead cabinets and a tension bar – perfect for line drying your delicates. Add a countertop over your washer/dryer to create a folding station. Feeling bold? Kick your laundry room up a notch with a fun, bold backsplash.

Off the Master Bedroom

Rather than lugging your laundry basket down to a cold basement or far-flung corner of the house, why not put it where’s it most convenient – right off your master bedroom. You can save yourself floor space by adding pocket doors or something stylish like this barn door. If you don’t have the closet or renovation budget to spare, consider converting a home office into a laundry room.

In the Mudroom

Warm-toned cabinets and wood accents can instantly add a touch of rustic chic to any space – even a laundry room. For a high-end, custom cabinet look, add cabinet fronts to your washer and dryer. This is particularly helpful if your washer/dryer is starting to show its age. Another creative way to make your laundry space more cohesive is to add a countertop in the same wood finish as your cabinets.

In the Bathroom

If having an entire room or closet dedicated to laundry seems out of the question, make the most of your space by stacking your washer/dryer in an existing closet. By keeping – or adding shelves around your washer/dryer you’re not sacrificing space or much-needed shelving.