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Designing Your Master Closet – Putting it all Together: The Layout

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We are now at the final step in designing your dream master closet. Now that you have picked out the flooring, accessories, finishes and hardware that you adore, it is time to design the layout of this soon-to-be fabulous space. When it comes to choosing what the dimensions of your closet are, it is important to think of what you truly need to use this space for. The goal of this blog is to help you narrow down some specific points that you should consider that you may have overlooked.


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If you are going to make the decision to have dressers in your closet, you should plan for where they will go. There are multiple placement options for this item, including one large dresser in the middle of the closet. This is the best option for someone that has a wide closet and enough room in the center for this, while still providing the ability to walk around. If you find yourself having a more narrow closet, two minimal dressers on each side might be more beneficial.

 Short Hanging

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When it comes to hanging items in your closet, you, of course, want them to fit accordingly and save yourself from having a cluttered, uneven appearance. With that being said, it is important to look into what items you will be hanging and their height requirement.

Long Hanging

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Similar to the short hanging, you must determine the clothing that you will plan on hanging and how many racks that will require. If you are someone that needs to hang long dresses, coats or trouser pants, adding some of these would be a great option for you.

Shoe Area

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Calling all shoe lovers, this one should stick out the most to you! Your shoe collection can easily take up more space than anticipated. Strategize how much space you will actually need and be sure to measure out that area to prepare for when you fill your closet.

Miscellaneous Items

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The final smaller items to plan for are some that we always seem to forget but actually take up more space than expected. Although this is probably the smallest storage needed in your master closet, items such as hats, belts and ties still all need a space to be stored (if you go to part two of this series, you will see ideas for this) and it is crucial that you plan accordingly.

Thanks for following along in this series with us to go through all the steps of designing your dream master closet. We have picked out floors, accessories, finishes, hardware, and now you can map out the layout. Happy designing!